Things Which You Can Automate on Twitter: Bot’s Ethics

Social media has given the best platform to marketers. As it became quite easier for them to advertise their own brand products. But now the competition has grown hard, as it won’t be easier for marketers to handle social media marketing manually.

That is the reason why automation came up with online marketing. However, it has been always a topic of controversy in the marketing platform. And Twitter automation is not an exception among them. But if you prefer the effective marketing campaigning of your business rather than ethics on the Twitter marketing campaign. Then there are shown certain hacks here for using automation tools, using which you can boost the performance of your Twitter marketing campaign.

Automate following people

Following people in the bulk might help you to get followers in return also. However, Twitter is strict about “auto-follow”. Based on the Twitter guidelines, it is strictly prohibited. While the accounts using such methods would get banned on Twitter.

You can still make use of auto-follow within certain moderation limits. Instead of bulk following, you can make use of a bot to follow others within moderation limit.

Automated Tweets

Most of your followers can’t be able to view that you have posted recently. While you can automate your Tweets to attract the attention of your followers on your tweets. There are thousands of tweets happens on Twitter every second. If you want to get more views from your followers, then you need to add more and more tweets on Twitter.

However, it might not help you to generate effective traffic on your website. As your previously tweeted content would be gone and it wouldn’t come again on the News feed. While for that you need to have the feature of auto retweet in your bot.

Automate retweet feature

Instead of adding massive tweets on Twitter, it is better to add a few contents which you can retweet again and again. That way your content will be alive on the platform. As you can make use of the auto retweet tool for this task. It would automate this feature so that you would be able to get more views on your ad contents.

Auto retweet tool

Retweet followers content

The people those who have viewed your tweets may respond to you or they might retweet your content also. You can share such tweets, that would help you to gain more attention. By making use of auto retweet tools you can generate more views on your advert contents.

You can also make use of filters, to keep your content more targeting on your audience. It will help you to gain more views on your content, which may also enhance the web-traffic and ROI of your money site.

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