3-tips-for-increasing-followers-on-instagram-[2019 Update]

3 Tips For Increasing Followers On Instagram [2019 Update]

Instagram outgrew as a fun app for kids and teens, and has now become one of the most popular and loved social networking sites for each and everyone out there. People use Instagram for sharing photos and videos, connecting with people, exploring their ideas, etc. The best thing about Instagram is that it can turn out to be a great platform for marketers to advertise their business online. Engagement rates on most of the social networking sites are more or less than 0.1%, excluding Instagram. This particular platform has always proved to be one of the best ways of getting a massive engagement rate and the audience as well. Due to this reason a lot of marketers take help of Instagram for exploring their business/brand in front of a large number of audience.

Getting famous on Instagram is not that easy. You will have to do a lot of hard work to reach that level on Instagram. You must have seen different celebrities on Instagram, having millions of followers. So, how do they get that many followers? Well, there are many ways to gain followers on Instagram. You can be creative with your Instagram account by posting high-quality photos and videos, following famous influencers, creating an eye-catchy bio, etc. You can even use Instagram Mass Follow Tool with the help of which you can follow the right people on Instagram, and there can be chances that you might get followed back as well.

Given below are some of the tips, or you can also ideas which will help you to get a large number of followers on Instagram:

  • Try to create an interesting bio

First and the most important thing that everyone looks for, on an Instagram profile is the bio. So, if you will write an interesting, unique, and eye-catchy bio, then people might show some interest in your profile and will start following you.

Have a look at other famous Instagrammer’s bio, and then frame your bio accordingly with a slight change in it. Rather than writing an elaborated or lengthy bio, try to keep it short, simple and creative.

  • Start getting creative with your hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram is good! And if you want to gain a large number of followers on Instagram, then you will have to think a bit creative. Like if you are posting photos of food then make sure to use some food hashtags. For example, #foodie #food #instafood #foodphotography #yummy. Or if you are posting photos of your dress then, you can use hashtags like #dress #ootd #style #fashionista #fashionblogger #fashion, etc.

  • Get a bit descriptive with your captions

As we all know that a photo speaks thousands of words, but a great caption will complete your photo. If you are posting a high-quality photo or video, then make sure to add a descriptive caption which can easily describe your photo or video. This will not only help you get a large number of followers but will help you to get more traffic on your posts as well.

Hope the above-stated tips can help you to get a large number of real and genuine followers on Instagram.

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